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10Bet is changing the African football landscape

10Bet is changing the African football landscape

10Bet announced the start of its activities in Africa and its commitment to support the growth of football in the continent. To this effect, the company entered into agreements as the official betting partner of the following clubs:

  • Enyimba FC (Nigeria)
  • Dodoma Jiji FC (Tanzania)
  • FC Talanta (Nairobi)
  • Customs Stars FC (South Sudan)
  • Red Arrows FC (Zambia)
  • Daring Club Motema Pembe FC (Congo).

This partnership is to last for three years, during which time both parties will work to establish and consolidate their presence in Africa. The development of the sport always increases the odds offered and it is yet another reason to open an original 10Bet account, especially if you were not able to do so in the past.

The reasoning behind 10bet's actions

10Bet CEO Arthur Perry expressed the scale and importance of this agreement:

We are thrilled to have formed these partnerships to support and contribute to the football industry in Africa. It is a major step towards achieving our main goal, which is making football fans happier around the globe. It goes without saying that there is prodigious and arguably unmatched talent in the football sport industry in Africa. For thousands of young talents who don’t reach their potential due to limited coaching or facilities, 10bet has started to equip these youngsters with professional coaching and even various sports kits to grassroots teams, where the future talent of major teams lies."

It's a total package

In his statements, Mr. Perry did include the provision of managers and equipment for the players. However, he also added that there will be other initiatives taken, directed towards the fans, in an attempt to increase their engagement to the clubs they support. There was no elaboration on what these initiatives would be, however, based on the notion behind this endeavor, great things are to be expected.

It is also noteworthy that in his closing sentence, 10bet’s CEO called these partnerships true game-changers. We know that there are plenty of good players in Africa and we have seen plenty rising to starhood. Could it be that the next Messis, CR7s, or Neymars be coming out of Africa?

Whether the attempt brings the expected results or not remains to be seen. We are here to monitor the progress and keep you upraised of all the developments if you stay tuned to our news section.