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About us

The first thing to say about ACC-EX is that we are a MEMBERS ONLY service. We do extend the invitation to everyone out there that needs a betting account at the few and premium selections of the top-class Sportsbooks and Exchanges we offer. However, you do need to become a member to be able to enjoy the full extent of what we have to offer.

Our mantra is that we offer real and tangible solutions to the problem of not being able to acquire the account you want and not mere words. Phrases like “you are not allowed to…” or “sorry but we cannot…” will not come out of our support staff or be printed in any of our messages. Let’s discuss on how something like that is possible.

Betfair.com, as you all know, is the top brand name of the betting world. But there are plenty of reasons why someone would not be able to open an account there. The most usual is the place of one’s residence being in a country that is included in a list with states that people are not allowed to open an account at Betfair. The same stands true for Bet365.com and Pinnacle. However, through a very innovative idea, we are able to make your dreams come true and acquire real accounts at these 3 top-of-the-top brand names regardless of where you reside.

It is actually very simple. Each of the above bookies have millions of accounts that are either inactive or that belong to people who are no longer interested in using them. What we do is broker a connection between the owners of these accounts and the bettors that really need an account at these bookies but cannot have one. In a nutshell, the owners that do not want to use their accounts, allow the bettors to use them in their name and get paid a fee for the exchange.

However, our services are not limited there. We also offer the opportunity for accounts at Orbit Exchange and 10bet, two of the hottest new names in the industry. Names that offer huge liquidities, the highest odds and the greatest limits. I.e. names that allow you to gain the greatest profits.

Any agent that respects the name does not restrict the services offered to the surface. They have to come in a complete package. For us at ACC-EX this package also contains:

  • A support team that is available 24/7 and can respond to any questions you may have
  • A wide range of payment options. One of them will surely cover your needs
  • A very easy and fast registration process that will allow you to enjoy the advantages we offer quickly

Got you interested? Good! Then let’s waste no more time, go to our registration form, fill it out and get started! Of course, if you have any questions you are always welcome to send us an email to [email protected] or come to speak to us through our chat function on our website.